11 August 2013

All downhill from here .....

Here is a video of me at ski school - that is me going down the hill towards the right. It's a little far away, but you get the gist.

Ski bunny

I went skiing for the first time ever last weekend. It was also the vert first time I have seen and touched snow. We had such a great time - I went to ski school for two days and learnt how to ski. We even went tobogganing and three lots of snow at daddy. Hope we can go again!

16 July 2013

The Tooth Fairy is in da house

Wahoo - in the past two weeks I have lost my first two teeth. I even pulled them out after much wiggling and pulling. The tooth fairy gave me two bucks a tooth. Cool! Apparently she makes houses or something out of all the teeth. Who knows?!

First tooth (can you sense my excitement!)

 Second tooth out just tonight!

Move over Beckham

My soccer career has kicked off with a cracking start - I'm loving it. My team is the Kissing Point Ninjas - so much fun. I play every Saturday in the freezing cold and train on Monday nights. My friends Kalan and Patrick from my class are also in my team.

I have got Player of the Match twice already!

Hitting the big time

That's right folks, this year heralded the start of big school for me. Yep - I'm going places. It is so much more awesome that I ever expected it to be and I absolutely love it. My teachers name is Mrs Brooker and my class is KB. I can now read and write - so cool! I even have French and computer classes.

This is my first day.

 This is my sports uniform
 My very first cross country race - I came 20th!

I've got lots of awards already - cool hey! Must be doing something right.

These are my year 6 buddies Lucas and Daniel. They meet me every week and we have fun together

School is so much fun!

So long preschool - time to grow up

I finished preschool forever. It was very sad as it means I won't see all my favourite friends from Mittagong Preshool all the time any more. Here are some of my close mates: Michal, Zachi, Max and Eleanor.

Farewelling preschool with Beau, Michal and my best mate Max
My preschool teacher Agnes
My preschool teacher Sarah

My preschool teacher Sue
 My best mate Max
See ya preschool

 Christmas concert
All graduated

Snapshot of the past year

Well it has been a long time in between posts .... perhaps far too long! So much has happened in the past year. So here is a quick recap, rather than boring you with lots of different posts.

I saw my first snow ever at our house - there was lots of rain so didn't really settle on the ground. But there was lots of snow in Bowral and Berrima. Here is a bit of snow on our car.

We went on our first camping trip on Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour for a night. Was so much fun. These are the views we woke up to

 I rode on a pony for the first time. I really enjoyed it. Next stop Rodeo!
My Daddy flew in a tiger plane doing death rolls and loop the loops. Not sure I am into that, but I did get to sit in the plane  that was cool!

My family moved out of the Southern Highlands just before Christmas last year and back to Sydney. I miss my old house and my friends, but I have had so many new adventures since.

Farewelling our old house in Mittagong

This is my new house in Turramurra
Helping unpack
Enjoying summer in our new house
First Christmas in our new house
Meeting Santa again!
 Surviving the hottest day ever in Sydney - 47 degrees!

 Watching my Daddy jump out of a helicopter - this was before
Celebrating my mum's birthday in March
Turning 6 and having a great party with a jumping castle!

Starting my own vegie patch, thanks to Pete and Sheila
 Starting at a new swim school at Knox - it's a boys school near us.
 Digging fir dinosaurs at Gordon shopping centre

Enjoying the Vivid festivities in Sydney

 Spending time with my cousins at Bobbin Head
 Watching my Daddy gradate from his MBA at Macquarie University
 My two lorikeets - Jacky and Bucky fighting off a cockatoo at our house
Trying out my new karate outfit mummy got in Singapore

Road testing our new slippery dip!

Drawing, drawing and drawing. This is one of my favs.

Hanging with my tiger mates at the Museum

There were some other small things like starting school and other stuff, but might do a separate post on those.