31 May 2011

Day out with Daddy

Last weekend I had a day out with Daddy - all to myself. We had such a fun day!

We went to Walking With The Dinosaurs show in Sydney - it was the absolute best. I love dinosaurs so much. Pteradactyl is my favourite - they can fly high in the sky.

There was a big scary one - the T-Rex. He is the coolest.

It was the best show ever!

After the show Daddy took me to my first Swannies game. Apparently they played Hawthorn. I wasn't so interested in the football but Daddy bought me a Swannies scarf.

What a great day with Daddy!

With my new spinning light show dinosaur toy thingy
Big scary T-Rex
My first Swannies match

Move over Russians, there a new gymnastics star!

Welcome to my new world of gymnastics. It is soooooo much fun. I get to do so many things like forward rolls down slopes, climbing, swinging around pole things, jumping on trampolines and so much more.

Check out my new skills ......

J.A.C.K.S.O.N in print

OK - so not only can I spell my name out loud now, I can also write it. Well I admit I have done it just once, but my teacher helped guide me. Mummy and Daddy are so proud!

Easter Show rocks!

I went to my very first Easter show a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. We went on so many rides and got some showbags. I got a Batman show bag - can you believe it! It had a backpack in it, as well as a lunchbox, drink bottle, watch, pencil case and pencils.

Can't wait to go again another time.

Easter madness

Well it appear I forgot to share my Easter fun - shocking hey!

But the Easter bunny came to visit me and left me lots of easter eggs again - yum. He had been through my sandpit before he came inside and left footprints everywhere.

We celebrated Easter with my cousins and Izzie and Pa at Cordeux Dam. We had so much fun. We also went to Nanna and Grandad's and had an Easter egg hunt.

Can't wait until next year!

Breakfast groove

Quick little bush walk

A few weeks ago I went with my family for a little walk through the bush to see Carrington Falls, which is about 25 minutes from my house. It was so pretty and the waterfall was huge.

Super fish

Latest pics of me at my swimming lessons. What a super fish!

Look what I earned!

I have been the best ever boy recently - for a whole entire week I ate ALL my dinner, including lots of vegetables that I nroamlly wouldn't eat. But it was all worth it. I now have Red the fire truck from Cars. Happy boy I am!

Clarke Kent in the bath


Warning: clever boy in this video!