29 August 2011


We went to the zoo again recently with some friends visiting from New Zealand. That is another country a long way from my home.

We had lots of fun. I love the zoo!

Excursion time

I went with my preschool on an excursion to a fruit and vege shop in Mittagong last week. We got to eat so many different fruits, like strawberries and watermelon and apples and lots more. But I didn't eat any mangoes - that made me sad. But we had lots of fun.

I have another excursion to the library tomorrow - very excited!

24 August 2011

All grown up

I am growing up - yes that's right. I have now mastered buttons (doing and undoing), can fully dress myself and can even get in and out of the bath. Clever me!

23 August 2011

My mad dogs

Here is a clip of my mad dogs Marley and Mia running around and chasing each other.

22 August 2011

Damn dams!

Mummy took Madeline and I for a drive the other day to get us to sleep. But she kept on driving and driving and we ended up at Nepean and Avon Dams. We were the only people there, but we have a lot of fun running along the top of the dams.

Swimming with Rose

I started new swimming lessons at Berida Manor with my new teacher Rose. I do it all by myself with Rose rather than have lots of other kids. I really like it. I even got to wear pyjamas in the pool last week. That was weird -  chose my dinosaur ones.

Hatching time at the Keens

A few weeks ago we put a dinosaur egg into water and after a few days it hatched - OK so it wasn't a real one, but it was great to see it grow and hatch.

We have a crocodile one hatching at the moment - its head and feet popped out today. I really like doing watching the process.

At preschool we actually have real ducklings hatching at the moment - there are three now hatched and they are very cute.

Here are some pics taken over three days of the crododile hatching.

Waiting, waiting
 Day 2
Day 3 

Day out in Kiama

Mummy took Madeline and I down to Kiama for the day when Daddy was away skiing. We met my best friend Sebastian down there for a play and lunch. It was great to run around down there with him.

After that Mummy, Madeline and I went to the blow hole and watched the water shoot from the ocean up through the hole - very cool. We also saw lots of pelicans who were eating fish from the fishermen. We even saw two very big stingrays.

It was a really fun day.

My new Superman glasses - you like?

Air show

Mummy took Madeline and I for a drive near our house the other day and we noticed some of the planes from our local airport we doing some formations in the sky. Since we were only up the road, we drove down to the airport and stopped to watch. We counted 13 planes to watch - so cool.

Madeline and I say on Mummy's car and watched planes doing loops and then landing. Some were really old and some much newer. It was so much fun.

Spiderman - my latest obsession

Cleaning is hard work

My first Fun Run!!

I did my first bush fun run yesterday to raise money for my preschool. Apparently it was 2kms - that is a really, really long way. I got to run to the finish line with people clapping at me.

After the run, we went on train rides, patted lots of baby animals, climbed on a really old fire trick and had a sausage sizzle. It was lots of fun, but very muddy after rain a few days ago.