17 November 2009

My own digger for a day

I couldn't believe it yesterday when a digger turned up in the driveway. Wow digger! I love diggers. I watched that digger for a very long time and the man made holes in the ground with it. Digger! Digger!

Then a concrete truck turned up and parked next to the digger. I could watch it all from the balcony. It was so much fun.

I wonder if diggers will come around tomorrow?

Big boy undies

I am a big boy now!! I have started doing wee wee's in the toilet. I believe it is called toilet training, but I call it "Quickly mummy, quickly daddy!"

Haven't mastered poopies yet, but I do try really hard.

I get a sticker each time I go to the toilet and I stick it on my posted. It has Lightning McQueen on it and Mater and Luigi and Guido and Ramone and Sally and Sheriff. Sometimes I stick the sticker on my hand though.

I even have some big boy undies for me to wear one day soon. I just need to get a bit better trained first.

Yay for me!

Swimming is great!

I recently my new term of swimming and I LOVE IT!!!! Is is so much more fun now and I don't need daddy so much anymore. I can do a lot by myself now - cos I am a big boy!

A man of leisure

I have been a busy boy - it has been a while in between posts and I have lots to report on.

I went on a really big plane with mummy and daddy and Ma-de-line! We went on holidays and built lots of sandcastles and ate ice cream and went swimming and went on a really bumpy bus.

It was really fun. I like holidays.