22 December 2009

Three more sleeps until Santa comes

Yay! I am more excited than I was yesterday - only three more sleeps until Santa comes to bring me presents.

21 December 2009

Percy came to visit

Last weekend Percy came to visit my family for the weekend. Percy is a daycare teddy bear who comes to visit the boys and girls on the weekend.

We had so much fun together! He came to watch the Wiggles concert with me in Wollongong, went to a Christmas party in Sydney, had breakfast and read stories with me. He even cuddled up in bed with me to sleep ..... after brushing out teeth and combing our hair of course!

It was sad to see him go but he had to go and visit one of my friends so that is OK.

Four more sleeps until Christmas!

Only four more sleeps until Christmas - yay!! I am soooooooooooo excited!

Santa is coming to see me cos I have been a good boy ...... most of the time anyway! I have met him a few times already so I could get to know him and tell him what I want for Christmas. He is a really nice man - he even gave me a high five. Even more exciting, he gave me a lollipop. I like Santa.

We had a Christmas party at my daycare on Friday night - it was so much fun. Santa came and gave me a present - a book on fish. I then had a sausage sizzle and played with my friends. Then a clown came to entertain us - she was sooooooo funny. We all laughed so much. She made me a balloon sword - it was great. I played sword fights with Samuel but I then accidentally stepped on mine outside and it popped .......... I didn't like that very much.

But I do really, really like Christmas and it isn't even here yet!

11 December 2009

My first certificate

I got my very first certificate on Wednesday - my mummy and daddy are very proud of me. I finished Kindermusik for the year - it was so much fun. I can't wait to start again next year.

My best friend Sebastian isn't doing it next year with me again. That is sad, but I will have lots of fun with my other friends Beau and Charlie!

Santa is coming to visit me

Only two weeks until Christmas .... so I am told. How exciting - Santa and his reindeers are coming to visit me and give me presents!

I like Santa - I gave him a cuddle last week. Madeline almost pulled his beard right off - poor Santa!

We have a Christmas tree that I helped mummy decorate. Putting the baubles on the tree was so much fun.

Wiggling to the Wiggles

I am just so excited today - I am off to see The Wiggles in concert!! I love the Wiggles. I will get to see Sam and Jeff and Anthony and Murray. Also Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword. Yippeee!

I've got my wiggly legs on so time for dancing for me!