26 August 2009

Fun with my cousins

I went to visit my cousins Joel and Connor on Saturday and I had so much fun! We threw footballs around, dug in dirt, sang, made lots of noise and rode Connor's number 1 racing car! We even got to eat caramel mud cake .................. YUMMY!

21 August 2009

Man of mystery - 007

I'm Keen, Jackson Keen! Man of mystery.

I have been going undercover a bit recently to save the world from the baddies. No one has recognised me yet, but only time will tell. I will have to keep finding new disguises to keep one step ahead.

Do you think anyone will recognise me?

17 August 2009

Jackson's skating career is off to a start!

I have a new skateboard and I think it's pretty cool. It goes onto the back of Madeline's pram so I no longer have to walk everywhere now. Mummy and Daddy push me really fast ....... I like that!

OK so it may not be as cool as the one's I see the big boys ride, but I have to start off somewhere.

I call this Jackson's skateboard!

05 August 2009

The potty man

Mummy and Daddy are trying to get me to do wee wees and poopys in the potty now. I am still not sure about the whole thing, but I do love my potty. I still haven't done a wee wee or poopy in it yet.....I call it stage fright, but I love sitting on it whenever I can!

04 August 2009

Cleaning is hard work

I decided to take matters into my own hands recently and clean the house. Mummy is always busy so it isn't always the easiest to clean all the time. I do make a lot of mess ..... and so do Marley and Mia.

So when Mummy wasn't watching I decided to vaccuum the house and mop the floor to help her out! It was a lot of hard work ........ and very noisy!

02 August 2009

The fish is back!

I started swimming lessons again yesterday after a six month break and it was so much fun.....OK I admit I wasn't sure at first, but once I had the chance to show off my swimming skills I loved it!

Last time when I swam in Sydney I didn't enjoy it so much and I cried a lot, but the pool was too cold.

But my new pool in Bowral is nice and warm! Daddy and I had so much fun. We sang songs, played with balls, kicked, went under the water and made lots of noise. I can't wait until next Saturday.

01 August 2009

Singalong time

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

Incy Wincy Spider