22 December 2009

Three more sleeps until Santa comes

Yay! I am more excited than I was yesterday - only three more sleeps until Santa comes to bring me presents.

21 December 2009

Percy came to visit

Last weekend Percy came to visit my family for the weekend. Percy is a daycare teddy bear who comes to visit the boys and girls on the weekend.

We had so much fun together! He came to watch the Wiggles concert with me in Wollongong, went to a Christmas party in Sydney, had breakfast and read stories with me. He even cuddled up in bed with me to sleep ..... after brushing out teeth and combing our hair of course!

It was sad to see him go but he had to go and visit one of my friends so that is OK.

Four more sleeps until Christmas!

Only four more sleeps until Christmas - yay!! I am soooooooooooo excited!

Santa is coming to see me cos I have been a good boy ...... most of the time anyway! I have met him a few times already so I could get to know him and tell him what I want for Christmas. He is a really nice man - he even gave me a high five. Even more exciting, he gave me a lollipop. I like Santa.

We had a Christmas party at my daycare on Friday night - it was so much fun. Santa came and gave me a present - a book on fish. I then had a sausage sizzle and played with my friends. Then a clown came to entertain us - she was sooooooo funny. We all laughed so much. She made me a balloon sword - it was great. I played sword fights with Samuel but I then accidentally stepped on mine outside and it popped .......... I didn't like that very much.

But I do really, really like Christmas and it isn't even here yet!

11 December 2009

My first certificate

I got my very first certificate on Wednesday - my mummy and daddy are very proud of me. I finished Kindermusik for the year - it was so much fun. I can't wait to start again next year.

My best friend Sebastian isn't doing it next year with me again. That is sad, but I will have lots of fun with my other friends Beau and Charlie!

Santa is coming to visit me

Only two weeks until Christmas .... so I am told. How exciting - Santa and his reindeers are coming to visit me and give me presents!

I like Santa - I gave him a cuddle last week. Madeline almost pulled his beard right off - poor Santa!

We have a Christmas tree that I helped mummy decorate. Putting the baubles on the tree was so much fun.

Wiggling to the Wiggles

I am just so excited today - I am off to see The Wiggles in concert!! I love the Wiggles. I will get to see Sam and Jeff and Anthony and Murray. Also Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword. Yippeee!

I've got my wiggly legs on so time for dancing for me!

17 November 2009

My own digger for a day

I couldn't believe it yesterday when a digger turned up in the driveway. Wow digger! I love diggers. I watched that digger for a very long time and the man made holes in the ground with it. Digger! Digger!

Then a concrete truck turned up and parked next to the digger. I could watch it all from the balcony. It was so much fun.

I wonder if diggers will come around tomorrow?

Big boy undies

I am a big boy now!! I have started doing wee wee's in the toilet. I believe it is called toilet training, but I call it "Quickly mummy, quickly daddy!"

Haven't mastered poopies yet, but I do try really hard.

I get a sticker each time I go to the toilet and I stick it on my posted. It has Lightning McQueen on it and Mater and Luigi and Guido and Ramone and Sally and Sheriff. Sometimes I stick the sticker on my hand though.

I even have some big boy undies for me to wear one day soon. I just need to get a bit better trained first.

Yay for me!

Swimming is great!

I recently my new term of swimming and I LOVE IT!!!! Is is so much more fun now and I don't need daddy so much anymore. I can do a lot by myself now - cos I am a big boy!

A man of leisure

I have been a busy boy - it has been a while in between posts and I have lots to report on.

I went on a really big plane with mummy and daddy and Ma-de-line! We went on holidays and built lots of sandcastles and ate ice cream and went swimming and went on a really bumpy bus.

It was really fun. I like holidays.

09 October 2009

Thomas - live on stage!

I am excited to report that Daddy is taking me to see Thomas live on stage tomorrow in Sydney and I am beside myself with excitement. Toot! Toot!

20 September 2009

Thomas is the best! Toot! Toot!

I had the best day ever today! I met Thomas for the first time and he's even better in person ........ well train really!

Mummy, Daddy, Pa, Madeline, Joel and I went to "Day Out with Thomas" at the Rail Heritage Centre in Thirlmere. It was so much fun - we got to meet Thomas, take a steam train ride (unfortunately Henry wasn't well so we were pulled by Donald), went on a jumping castle, rode on a mini Thomas train and lots of other fun things.

My friend Sebastian was there with his family so I got to spend the day with him as well. That was great!

I wish I could do it again tomorrow.

11 September 2009

Look out ........ Jackson's about!

I met a new challenge today ............. riding my bike using the pedals all by myself. Mummy and daddy are so proud of me - they have been trying to get me to do it for a long time, but it was more fun being pushed around or using my feet on the ground. 

But I have been eyeing all these really cool bikes at the park and figured the only way to get one is to step up to the mark! 

26 August 2009

Fun with my cousins

I went to visit my cousins Joel and Connor on Saturday and I had so much fun! We threw footballs around, dug in dirt, sang, made lots of noise and rode Connor's number 1 racing car! We even got to eat caramel mud cake .................. YUMMY!

21 August 2009

Man of mystery - 007

I'm Keen, Jackson Keen! Man of mystery.

I have been going undercover a bit recently to save the world from the baddies. No one has recognised me yet, but only time will tell. I will have to keep finding new disguises to keep one step ahead.

Do you think anyone will recognise me?

17 August 2009

Jackson's skating career is off to a start!

I have a new skateboard and I think it's pretty cool. It goes onto the back of Madeline's pram so I no longer have to walk everywhere now. Mummy and Daddy push me really fast ....... I like that!

OK so it may not be as cool as the one's I see the big boys ride, but I have to start off somewhere.

I call this Jackson's skateboard!

05 August 2009

The potty man

Mummy and Daddy are trying to get me to do wee wees and poopys in the potty now. I am still not sure about the whole thing, but I do love my potty. I still haven't done a wee wee or poopy in it yet.....I call it stage fright, but I love sitting on it whenever I can!

04 August 2009

Cleaning is hard work

I decided to take matters into my own hands recently and clean the house. Mummy is always busy so it isn't always the easiest to clean all the time. I do make a lot of mess ..... and so do Marley and Mia.

So when Mummy wasn't watching I decided to vaccuum the house and mop the floor to help her out! It was a lot of hard work ........ and very noisy!

02 August 2009

The fish is back!

I started swimming lessons again yesterday after a six month break and it was so much fun.....OK I admit I wasn't sure at first, but once I had the chance to show off my swimming skills I loved it!

Last time when I swam in Sydney I didn't enjoy it so much and I cried a lot, but the pool was too cold.

But my new pool in Bowral is nice and warm! Daddy and I had so much fun. We sang songs, played with balls, kicked, went under the water and made lots of noise. I can't wait until next Saturday.

01 August 2009

Singalong time

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

Incy Wincy Spider

29 July 2009

Kindermusik is great!

Kindermusik is great! I had my first lesson yesterday and loved it. Lots of instruments to play and songs to sing ..... which means lots of noise for me to make! Yay! I like noise. Kindermusik is noisy!

My friend Sebastian does it too. We had so much fun running around. We were noisy!

I even got some fiddle sticks and a music CD of my very own to make lots more noise at home! Look out mummy and daddy! Noisy!

I can't wait for next week!

Keeping up with world news!

I have decided that it is important I keep up with all the latest news happening around the world.......it is a very important job that someone has to do!

Trashy, sassy and fab! Bring it on I say!

28 July 2009

Jumping Jackson Flash!

Finally I can get airborn with my new jumping abilities! It is so much fun! Check out my new style!


24 July 2009

Silly faces with mummy

Mummy and I had so much fun last night pulling lots of silly faces! It was really fun! Faces are fun. I especially love surprise!

We so silly! Mummy held the camera out and took photos without even looking at the camera. So much fun!

Happy face

Excited face


Sad face

Surprised face

12 July 2009

So excited!

I am so excited. My Auntie Donna and Uncle Mouse had a baby boy on Friday. His name is Oliver. I like Oliver!

He is so much smaller than me, because I am a big boy now. Mummy and Daddy told me so!

Oliver lives a long way away. Apparently you have to catch a plane to get there. I love planes! So many in the sky! I saw three today.

I wonder if Oliver will want to play ball with me. I can kick the ball and throw it and it is lots of fun. Maybe one day!

I like babies! I have a baby.....her name is Maaaline. She is bigger than Oliver. But she is a girl.

08 July 2009

I'm a big boy!

Hi my name is Jackson and I'm a big boy! I turned two recently and had the best birthday ever! So I've only had two, but still it was great.

I went to the park and celebrated with my cousins. I even let them have some of my train cake that mummy made for me. It was yum!

I was so lucky that I had another cake - this one I had to share with all of my daycare friends. They even sang happy birthday to me and beep beep yay! I love birthdays. But they made me wear a pink bib which I didn't really like, but when there is cake involved I will wear anything!

I was so spoilt for my birthday......but hey I am worth it! I got my very own car - a blue one with lights and a steering wheel. So cool. But it does scare me a little if I accidently put my foot on the pedal and it moves. Much better if I just sit in it and move the steering wheel. When I am not in it, I let Big Ted go for a drive. He is a really good driver!

I also got the best train table ever!! It even lets me put my Thomas trains on it. I love Thomas! But I love Percy even more. Percy is green, just like my birthday cake!

I am such a lucky boy! Birthdays are so much fun!

I even went to Sydney to see my friends. We all turned two so we had a party together in the park. There were lots of treats to make us all run around on sugar highs. I like cake! Yum!

It was such a great birthday. I hope my next one will be even better.