04 April 2012

Kiama fun

We love going to Kiama on a sunny day. We love visiting the lighthouse, the blow hole and the pelicans.

Country hanging

Hanging with my family at the Burrawang Hotel is always fun for me. I love running around on the grass amongst the countryside.

Cruising Cars Style

Elmo's World

My mate Kimba and me .... and Madeline ....... and Mummy all went to see Elmo's World in Sydney. It was really good - we had so much fun. But I woke up with very swollen, funny eyes so had to go to the doctor afterwards.

Birthday season - yay!

Only five more days until my 5th birthday and only three until my party. But who's counting?

27 March 2012

Look out shark about

Here is a video of me swimming in Queensland. So much fun

QLD - beautiful one day, perfect the next

I went on the best trip to Queensland in September with my Mummy, my Daddy and my Madeline! We even had to catch a plane to get there. 

We spent lots of time playing in the pool and going to the beach, but the best bots were going to Dreamworld and Currumbin. I miss Queensland so much!

Up, up and away

Great pool in the hotel

QLD has the best playgrounds

Shark out of water

Meeting my Wiggly friends at Dreamworld

Dorothy gives the best cuddles

Ahoy there me hardy

Fun rides at Dreamworld

All aboard the lolly train

This log ride was so much fun - we got really wet!


Hanging with my friend Lizzy

A not so cuddly Koala

Feeding skippy

See you Dreamworld - it was really fun

Look out V8 driver about

Oh what a feeling

Visiting parrots

We have a lot of pairs of King Parrots come to visit our house. One day this pair didn't care that Marley, Mia and Hugo were not far away and came to say hello. Are they cute!

Naughty Mummy

Mummy has been very, very naughty and not updated my blog for a very, VERY long time. To the naughty chair mummy!