26 August 2010

Just for fun

In July, I went to Luna Park in Sydney with my family for some fun-filled adventures. What fun I did have going on all of the rides. Can't wait to go back - weeeeeeee!

Masterchef Jackson

I have been doing lots of cooking with Mummy and Daddy recently and I love it ........ especially when I get to lick the bowl. I have helped to make Anzac biscuits, pancakes and pizzas. So much fun. Licking the bowl after making dough for pizza isn't so good though Yucky!

Call me Masterchef Jackson!

Sydney fun with my family

Last weekend I had the best day with my family up in Sydney. After going to a birthday party with cakes and jumping castles, we went to Darling Harbour for some fun. Mummy and Daddy let me go on a carousel - my horsey was the fastest. Giddy up!

There were so many things to see - water spurting into the air, boats, seagulls and so much more.

I like spending time with my family.

18 June 2010

I'm going to be a rock star!

When Nanna and Grandad moved their furniture to Australia they found Daddy's old guitar ....... which has now become Jackson's guitar.

I am going to be a rock star!

Shaking my groove thang!

I love dancing to lots of different music. Sometimes the Wiggles and sometimes to my favourite Mika. Other times I just dance to whatever gets me grooving.

Mummy says I dance just like Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil. I don't know what that means - maybe one day I will. Other times I just like to jump, or stomp.

I have dance parties with Madeline, Mummy and Daddy - they are my favourite times. So much fun!

Here are some videos of me dancing - Daddy doesn't like my fairy wins though ..... I borrowed them from Madeline. But I do like them!

Hurry up Toy Story 3

Daddy is taking me to see Buzz Buzz and Woody soon he says. I am so excited. But I don't like having to wait though.  Wish I could see it today, but Daddy said I have to wait another 13 sleeps until I can. That is a long time. 

I like Buzz Buzz and I like Woody - they are my favourites.

26 May 2010

Scoo Scoo Scootering!

Forgot to share with you all the news of my new scooter, which I got for my third birthday. I love it so much and I am getting faster and faster each time I ride it. I like to ride it around the lake - one day I will be able to go as fast as the bigger boys.

Dorothy ..... Dorothy ...... don't you want to dance with me!

Dorothy ..... Dorothy ...... don't you want to dance with me!

That's right folks ....... Dorothy AND Wags AND Captain Feathersword AND Henry the Octopus AND Fairy Larissa AND Fairy Clare came to Mittagong to put on a special concert just for me ...... and all of my friends!

It was so much fun - we danced and we screamed and we danced and we screamed again.  I love Dorothy ..... and she loves me!

12 April 2010

06 April 2010

3 more days to go!

Only three more days until I turn three - yippee!

I had my birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun. I got lots of presents, had fun with my friends and ate lots of sugar!! Lucky mummy and daddy!

Here are some photos from my party.........

29 March 2010

11 days to go!

11 days until I turn 3 ........ not that I am counting or anything! I am beyond excited.

I have had to wait for mummy's birthday and then Madeline's and now it is my turn next. Are you coming to my party?

18 February 2010

Licence to drive

Almost a year after getting my convertible, I finally took it for its first spin last night.

Between you and me, I have been a little afraid of the engine so have only pretended to drive it ....... the rest of the time Big Ted has been protecting it for me.

Last night I hopped in and accidently pushed the pedals and discovered that it was actually fun and not scary. So off I went taking it for a spin - not a bad driver if I do say so myself.

Check out my video - this is my first ever drive!

10 February 2010

Riding my new bike

I have finally mastered my big boy bike ......... and I love it! I rode twice around Lake Alexandra yesterday unaided by mummy! I have been a bit nervous about riding it and have been holding on to my trike, but I think I am now ready to use my big boy bike.

Thanks Santa for giving it to me!

Check it out!

04 February 2010

Mittagong Pre-School here I come

I started at my new school this week and I love it. Mummy and daddy took me out of my daycare last week and I am now at Mittagong Pre-School.

It is so good - so many trains and diggers to play with. I call this pre-school heaven! There is a huge sandpit, a slippery slide and so many other things to play with. Yippee!

And my teacher Sarah was one of my teachers at my daycare centre and I really, really like her. So exciting!

I am such a big boy now!