20 September 2009

Thomas is the best! Toot! Toot!

I had the best day ever today! I met Thomas for the first time and he's even better in person ........ well train really!

Mummy, Daddy, Pa, Madeline, Joel and I went to "Day Out with Thomas" at the Rail Heritage Centre in Thirlmere. It was so much fun - we got to meet Thomas, take a steam train ride (unfortunately Henry wasn't well so we were pulled by Donald), went on a jumping castle, rode on a mini Thomas train and lots of other fun things.

My friend Sebastian was there with his family so I got to spend the day with him as well. That was great!

I wish I could do it again tomorrow.

11 September 2009

Look out ........ Jackson's about!

I met a new challenge today ............. riding my bike using the pedals all by myself. Mummy and daddy are so proud of me - they have been trying to get me to do it for a long time, but it was more fun being pushed around or using my feet on the ground. 

But I have been eyeing all these really cool bikes at the park and figured the only way to get one is to step up to the mark!