18 June 2010

I'm going to be a rock star!

When Nanna and Grandad moved their furniture to Australia they found Daddy's old guitar ....... which has now become Jackson's guitar.

I am going to be a rock star!

Shaking my groove thang!

I love dancing to lots of different music. Sometimes the Wiggles and sometimes to my favourite Mika. Other times I just dance to whatever gets me grooving.

Mummy says I dance just like Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil. I don't know what that means - maybe one day I will. Other times I just like to jump, or stomp.

I have dance parties with Madeline, Mummy and Daddy - they are my favourite times. So much fun!

Here are some videos of me dancing - Daddy doesn't like my fairy wins though ..... I borrowed them from Madeline. But I do like them!

Hurry up Toy Story 3

Daddy is taking me to see Buzz Buzz and Woody soon he says. I am so excited. But I don't like having to wait though.  Wish I could see it today, but Daddy said I have to wait another 13 sleeps until I can. That is a long time. 

I like Buzz Buzz and I like Woody - they are my favourites.