18 February 2010

Licence to drive

Almost a year after getting my convertible, I finally took it for its first spin last night.

Between you and me, I have been a little afraid of the engine so have only pretended to drive it ....... the rest of the time Big Ted has been protecting it for me.

Last night I hopped in and accidently pushed the pedals and discovered that it was actually fun and not scary. So off I went taking it for a spin - not a bad driver if I do say so myself.

Check out my video - this is my first ever drive!

10 February 2010

Riding my new bike

I have finally mastered my big boy bike ......... and I love it! I rode twice around Lake Alexandra yesterday unaided by mummy! I have been a bit nervous about riding it and have been holding on to my trike, but I think I am now ready to use my big boy bike.

Thanks Santa for giving it to me!

Check it out!

04 February 2010

Mittagong Pre-School here I come

I started at my new school this week and I love it. Mummy and daddy took me out of my daycare last week and I am now at Mittagong Pre-School.

It is so good - so many trains and diggers to play with. I call this pre-school heaven! There is a huge sandpit, a slippery slide and so many other things to play with. Yippee!

And my teacher Sarah was one of my teachers at my daycare centre and I really, really like her. So exciting!

I am such a big boy now!